The Marshall School


We know that “slower, louder, longer” does not work for most students.  At The Marshall School we teach students “what they need to know” as well as “thinking and learning strategies.”   

Thinking and learning strategies are key to learning and are often overlooked by more traditional school settings.  To ensure students have the prerequisite skills for success, each student is individually tested, and programming is customized to maximize their strengths and minimize their struggles.  

The Marshall School identifies weaknesses in thinking and learning skills and targets improvement through brain-based therapies that are backed by research.  Students enjoy this game-like instruction and the individual attention they receive while building the necessary skills for success in school.  Frequent re-evaluations keep students moving forward as they master critical skills.  

What students need to know is delivered through our project-driven curriculum.   Project standards are modeled after the Virginia Standards of Learning.  Daily activities emphasize a multi-sensory, hands-on approach that engages students in the learning process.  Practical, applied learning experiences provide students with the opportunity to sharpen problem-solving skills while working in teams both inside and outside the classroom.   

In addition to the mastering the Virginia Standards of Learning, time is set aside daily to address any academic deficiencies identified through individual testing.